The Old Black Canyon Trail has been the primary route from Phoenix to Prescott since anyone can remember. It was used by all those who came north in search of a new life and adventure. As it wound through camps and settlements, a traveler had to steel themselves in preparation for any number of circumstances that might hinder their journey. It would take a man and a horse three days to travel the 100 miles, and that was a good trip. Weather, Indians and sheep crossings could add days to the venture. It served to provide the supplies to anyone who could pay the price. Gold miners, ranchers, settlers, and outlaws of all types owed their existence to this wild and dirty avenue to the north. Columbia, Tip Top, Bloody Basin, and Bumble Bee were just a few of the stops where a person might mingle with the rougher side.

      The main stop around the turn of the century was the town of Mayer. Originally known as Big Bug Station it stood as a traveler's oasis, providing shelter and sustenance to those that required it. In that regard, Big Bug Station remains a place of respite to any number of well worn souls. A place to hang you dirty hat, get comfy and rest your bones.