The Legend of Bumble Bee Lost Gold

(Located in Yavapai County, Bumble Bee is a ghost town just north of Black Canyon south of Mayer. Some of its buildings have been restored)

      This legend certainly has all the stuff legends are made of---- Gold prospectors, Apaches, Mexicans, and a fortune lost that to this day has not been reported found. In the 1800s, two prospectors made camp in Bronco Canyon about four miles east of Bumble Bee. The old boys got lucky and found a rich vein of gold bearing quartz. They hid their fortune of two hundred pounds of gold under a big rock near their camp near the junction of Slate and Squaw Creek. They were preparing to leave for home as winter approach when their luck turned sour and they were attacked by Apaches. One miner was killed and one escaped. The survivor didn't plan to return until the Apache danger had been settled. By then he was and old man, fell ill, and died but not before revealing his Bumble Bee gold cache secret on his deathbed. It is told that several years later, a Mexican sheepherder found the campsite in Bronco Canyon. He had no knowledge then of either the mine or the lost stash of gold. It is also told that others traipsing the area have reported seeing a crude arrastre in the vicinity. Treasure hunter's feel that the lost golden treasure remains waiting, yet to be discovered.